Preparation for Upper GI Endoscopy

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Description of the Procedure
We will use an intravenous catheter to give you plenty of sedation medication. The procedure should not be unpleasant. Most people sleep through it peacefully. We’ll pass a small, flexible video camera (endoscope) through your mouth and into your stomach. This will allow us to inspect your vocal cords, esophagus, stomach, and first few inches of your small intestine. Depending on what we see, we might take biopsies, dilate a narrowing, or just take photographs. It usually takes no longer than 15 minutes. Once the medication wears off, you’ll be able to go home, often within a half-hour.

Problems You Can Prevent
Don’t eat anything solid within 6 hours before the procedure. Don’t drink anything within 4 hours unless you must in order to take prescribed medication. We can see much better and, therefore, do a better inspection when your stomach is empty. Neither of us wants to miss finding a problem because it’s hidden under lunch. With food in your stomach, you’re also more likely to vomit while sedated, possibly inhaling what you vomit.

Day of Examination

1.  Take your usual medications with a small amount of water. *** If you are having a pH (Bravo) study, however, you must be off your anti-reflux medication for 7 days prior to testing and should have been given an additional instruction sheet for that test. ***

2.  If your endoscopy is in the afternoon, you may have a light breakfast as long as it will be 6 hours before the procedure.

3.  Bring a list of your medications, including the dose, how frequently it is taken, and when it was last taken.

4.  Wear comfortable, removable clothing. A short sleeved shirt is best.

5.  You will receive intravenous sedation for the procedure, so bring a family member or friend to drive you home afterwards. Be sure he/she stays on site during the procedure.

If you have any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to call us (207-761-6642).

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