Laparoscopic Inguinal (or Femoral) Hernia Repair

Post-Operative Instructions

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Description of the Repair
I will be repairing your hernia using an extraperitoneal laparoscopic approach. I’ll do this by placing a piece of mesh behind the muscle layer that has a weakness and bulging in it (and which has caused your hernia). This mesh will be incorporated into scar tissue your body will form, further strengthening the hernia repair over the following months. I’ll close your skin with tiny pieces of tape or transparent glue.

Your Recovery
Because of the way your operation will be performed, I’ll put little or no restrictions on your physical activity after the operation. Your level of discomfort should prevent you from over-exerting yourself. As long as you don’t lift or strain beyond the point where it hurts, you should be fine. Your pain will most likely fade rapidly, so you should be able to return to work or normal activities within a few days to a few weeks, depending on the activities. You may resume showering the day after surgery. Simply let the pieces of tape or spots of glue fall off on their own.

Pain Relief

1. Take over the counter medications as directed in an “around the clock” fashion.

2. Take prescription medications as directed, in addition to above medications, if needed.

Most Frequent Problems

Discomfort – It is usually at the belly button and below, but a dull shoulder ache can occasionally last for a day or two. A tugging sensation in the groin is also common and can last for a few weeks, sometimes longer. Uncomfortable swelling can also involve the testicles and scrotum in a man but doesn’t usually last more than a few days.

Nausea – If you feel okay when you leave the hospital but start to feel nauseated at home, it is probably caused by the prescription pain killer. You might want to take only the Tylenol and Advil in that case or call me for a different prescription (which might also causes nausea).

Bruising – Within a few days after surgery a man will often notice impressive purple or black coloring at the base of his penis or on his scrotum. It is normal painless bruising and will fade away.

Bulging where your hernia was – This may look and feel as though your hernia has returned, but it is almost always just some fluid collecting where your hernia used to be. Your body will absorb it over the next few weeks.

Reasons to Call Me

•  Pain not controlled by your medication
•  Fever and wound redness or persistent leakage from an incision
•  Unable to urinate
•  Any questions or concerns what-so-ever

Post-Operative Office Appointment at Casco Bay
-761-6642, Ext. 5 for Dr. Brady)

Date:   _______________

Time:  _______________

We would like to see you in 3-4 weeks. Please call to confirm your appointment or to arrange one if you don’t have a date & time yet.

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