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After-Hours and Weekend Problems

Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday
Closed for all holidays recognized by Maine Medical Center

Answering service 24 hours/day, 365 days/year One of our surgeons is always available. Call 207-761-6642.

If you call our office after hours, our answering service will forward your message to our on-call surgeon. If you believe you are having a true medical emergency, please call 911 first then our office second.

*** Important Warning About the Lack of Privacy of Email Communication *** – Read before hitting “Send”

Email is not private without special encryption software that Maine Medical Partners – Surgical Care Casco Bay does not have. Unless you have encryption software yourself and use it, every message you send us and every message you receive back from us could be intercepted and read by anybody with the computer know-how and interest to do it – now or at a later date. That is why we do not use email to send you or anybody else specific healthcare information about you. Doing so could violate Federal law (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [HIPAA]). The law is, in part, designed to protect you and your health information. That is why when you send us an email, you might receive a phone call from us instead of an email response.

If you want your communication with us to stay private, use the telephone and not email. If you send us an email anyway, we will assume that it is okay with you for us to answer it by email and that you will accept the loss of privacy.

Addresses & Phone Numbers

Office & After-Hours Answering Service:  207-761-6642
Office Fax:  207-773-2603

Practice Manager, Claire Dyer:
207-761-6642 Ext. 12,

Billing Office:  207-761-6642 Ext. 11

Dr. Tom Brady:  207-761-6642 Ext. 5
Dr. Roy Cobean:  207-761-6642 Ext. 6
Dr. Cathel Macleod:  207-761-6642 Ext. 23
Dr. Sara Mayo:  207-761-6642 Ext. 28
Dr. Parker Roberts:  207-761-6642 Ext. 24
Dr. Kirk Sahagian:  207-761-6642 Ext. 15