Preparation for Colonoscopy

Getting Ready for Your Colonoscopy

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This document will help you know what to do to get ready for your colonoscopy.

The checklist will help you remember what to do. You can check each item off as you complete it. Call us with any questions.

Goal of Colon Preparation
To clean out your large intestine of all solid material. This allows us to do a faster, easier, more thorough examination which lessens the chance of us missing a lesion or you having to repeat the procedure.

Five Days Prior to Examination
Continue taking all of your usual medications unless instructed otherwise.
You will need to purchase the following items at the pharmacy:
[ ]  Four Dulcolax (Bisacodyl) tablets (over-the-counter).
[ ]  An 8.3 oz. (238g) bottle of Miralax (over-the-counter).
[ ]  A 64 oz. bottle of Gatorade, any color except red or purple.

The Day Prior to Examination
The day prior to your procedure, begin a clear liquid diet after a very light breakfast (eaten before 7:00 a.m.).   Follow the instructions below that afternoon:

[ ]  At 12:00 noon take 4 Dulcolax tablets.

[ ]  After first bowel movement or a maximum of 6 hours, mix the 238g bottle of Miralax with 64 oz. of Gatorade, making sure all the Miralax is dissolved.  Drink until the mixture is entirely gone, preferably within an hour.

Continue drinking clear liquids until bedtime.  Here are some clear liquids that you can drink:
•  Water                                                  •  Mineral Water
•  Strained juices with no pulp          •  Sodas and soft drinks
•  Popsicles (no red or purple)          •  Jello (no red or purple)
•  Coffee (no milk or cream)                Tea (no milk or cream)
  Chicken broth

Do NOT drink any of these:
  Milk                                                       Anything made from milk
  Orange juice                                        Red or purple liquids

The Day of Procedure
[ ]  Take your daily medications, such as blood pressure and heart with a sip of water the morning of your procedure. If your procedure is in the afternoon, you may have clear liquids until 4 hours before your appointment.

[ ]  You will receive intravenous sedation for the procedure, so plan to bring a family member or friend to drive you home afterwards.

Colonoscopy Rescheduling
We have a waiting list for colonoscopy, so if you have not had to wait very long, it is probably because we moved you ahead of other people in order to schedule you sooner.  Because of the bowel preparation required for the procedure, we strongly request a minimum of 5 days notification when canceling. This will allow another person to move up the waiting list and occupy your time slot. We will either move you in to that patient’s original appointment, so you won’t have to wait as long, or you may reschedule at your convenience.

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