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This page has been updated since Casco Bay Surgery joined Maine Medical Partners on 12/24/17, but more changes will follow. Ask us for details. 

Cost of Services
Prices for any of our services are available through our billing office.  If you are having surgery, we can provide you the anticipated amount of your surgeon fee. All you need to do is ask. Most operations generate additional bills from Spectrum Anesthesia group and Maine Medical Center. If you want to know their fees, we will give you their contact phone numbers and both the procedure code and expected length of the planned operation. Spectrum and Maine Medical Center use these to make their estimates. Once you have estimates for all three parts or your bill (surgeon, anesthesia, hospital), your insurance company can tell you what your total expected “out-of-pocket” expenses should be.

Casco Bay participates with all insurance plans. You may want to contact your insurance carrier prior to your appointment to confirm that our group participates with your plan. Please bring your insurance card with you on the day of your appointment. Co-payments are required at the time of visit. For your convenience, insurance claims will be submitted by our staff. Be aware that your insurance plan might not cover the total charge. If there is a balance on your account after the insurance company makes payment, you will be responsible for this balance.

If you believe your condition is the result of an accident at work, bring with you the name and address of your employer, worker’s compensation insurance company name, address, date of injury and a claim number if one has been issued. If your claim is denied or in dispute, we will forward an insurance claim to your health insurance company. Therefore, please bring your health insurance card on the day of the appointment.

If your insurance plan requires referrals, it is your responsibility to contact your primary care provider so this can be completed prior to your appointment. If your claim is denied by the insurance company because a referral was not obtained, you may be responsible to pay for that visit.

Payment Policy
If your insurance plan requires a co-payment for your office visit, this payment is expected at the time of service. We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, checks and cash.

We ask that you pay your bill within 30 days of receiving a statement from Casco Bay. We also ask that patients with credit cards sign a consent form before surgery giving your credit card company permission to pay any outstanding balance that remains after your insurance pays its part of your bill.

If you believe your services were paid incorrectly, please contact your insurance carrier. If you believe we billed you or your insurance company incorrectly, please call us and we will make every effort to clarify your bill – or to correct the problem quickly if we have made a mistake.

Maine Medical Center Free Care Program
If you have been accepted into the MMC Free Care program, the hospital and Casco Bay will not charge you for services.

For questions regarding your account or other billing related issues, please call our billing office at 207-761-6642 Ext. 11.